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Toroidal Rheostat

Toroidal Rheostat

Toroidal Rheostat that we offer is of 600 Watts. We are named among the renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers of Toroidal Rheostat. The manufacturing of our Toroidal Rheostat is done under the strict vigilance of experts. We conduct stringent quality tests on Toroidal Rheostat so as to ensure that only the defect-free product reaches the customers’ end. It can be obtained from us in small as well as bulk quantities.


Model/Type Available

Variable Type

Propelled by (Hydraulic, Electrical, Pneumatic/CNC)




Special Features

A common element in electronic devices is a three-terminal resistor with a continuously adjustable tapping point controlled by rotation of a shaft or knob. These variable resistors are known as Torodial Rheostats when all three terminals are present, since they act as a continuously adjustable voltage divider.


Industry& Education


Depends on the wattage given

Technical Specification

300Watts to 600Watts

Brief about product

Torodial Rheostats are commonly made by winding a metal wire, usually Eureka Copper Nickel, around a ceramic core. The ends of the wire are soldered or welded to two rings, attached to the ends of the core. The assembly is protected with a layer of Hi Temp Ceramic Coating.

Industries where this product is used

Electrical and Electronic use Extensively used in Textile Mills. Torodial rheostats are three-terminal resistors that are used to measure or divide voltages, and to protect or control circuits in various Industry.

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Green color available