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Sliding Rheostat

Sliding Rheostat

Sliding Rheostats are used for starting and controlling the speed of motors, in adjusting generator characteristics, used in controlling storage-battery charging, dimming the lights, and for artificial loads on electrical equipment during tests. Another way to use Rheostats is to limit the current passing through the light bulbs in order to alter brightness. Motor controllers use Sliding Rheostats to control the motor speed by limiting the flow of current through them. Features

  • Sturdy designs
  • Excellent PB Contacts
  • Copper Carbon Brush sliding contacts
  • Wires are insulated


  • Regulates electric current
  • Controls resistance
  • Variable Resistance adjustment
  • Controls speed

Technical Specification

  • Value range is from 0.2 Amp to 25 Amps
  • Resistance value Tolerance is +10 to -5 %
  • H.T. Test provided is 2kV for 1 minute.
  • Maximum Temperature rise is 375ºC.
  • 500V is the maximum working voltage..
  • Ambient Temperature is 0 to 70ºC


  • 10000 NOS / ANUM

  • Sliding Rheostat Double Tube

  • Sliding Rheostat with PB Contact