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Loading Rheostat

Loading Rheostat

We offer high quality Loading Rheostat or Resistive Load which is a device mainly used to manage the extra load during the supply of electricity. The load is controlled by the aid of switch control devices, which results in better functioning. The Loading Rheostat removes extra energy from the whole system. The extra Load is created by the conversion of electrical energy to heat through high-current resistors. Features

  • Fully power coated
  • Loaded with number of switches
  • Suitable to continuous applications
  • Durability and safety


Used In

  • Developing the electrical load
  • Conversion and dissolve the power output
  • Testing purposes in Scientific Labs
  • Educational institutions and Industry


Technical Specification

  • Available in 1K Watts to 300K Watts
  • Maximum temperature rise is 375ºC
  • Ambient temperature is 0 to 70ºC


Capacity : 1500/ANUM

  • Loading Rheostat 1PH 1KW with 20 Steps

  • Loading Rheostat 3PH 10KW

  • Loading Rheostat 3PH 0.6KW

  • Loading Rheostat 9 Phase 1.5KW