Galaxy Electronic Components

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GALAXY ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS is a National Test House enterprise running successfully as a trusted entity since 1997 situated at Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. We are into manufacturing of Electronic and Electrical products like Wire Wound Resistors, Sliding Rheostats, Loading Rheostats, etc, marketed under the brand name “GALAXY”. Our Wire Wound Resistor, Braking Resistor, Sliding Rheostat, Loading Rheostat and Torodial Rheostat and Resistive Load Bank are used for various applications in many sectors like Motor Industries, Electronic & Electrical Panel Manufacturers, Laboratories, Textile Equipment, Solar, Railways, Lift Industry, Collages etc. We have a big group of clients who rely on the quality of our product.

Our office is well equipped with the latest communication facilities and technology for fast growth and target big results. We have the load testing facility at our unit assisting us in delivering high quality products. Our Company acclaims to deliver best quality and perfect finish. Moreover, we concentrate on customers’ satisfaction, which is our foremost concern.